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Tom Price

Owner & President

Office: 803.438.8116

Tom Price started the business in 1987, at age 28, and under his management the company has experienced steady growth. At the young age of 10, Price’s logical thinking and determination became apparent in his backyard one day. While picking pears off the trees, he realized he would need a unique device to reach the pears at the top. After nailing a tin bucket to a long stick, he realized that he has a special knack for problem solving. Price’s “pear picker” stands at the entrance of Protective Packaging today to remind him and his staff to find new and creative solutions to problems.

An independent spirit and commitment to success began early. Cutting grass, cutting firewood, selling peaches and performing all types of small jobs, help Price hone his entrepreneurial skills at an early age. While in college, he turned down an opportunity to play baseball because he wanted to focus on his education, and maybe because he had a problem hitting the curveball. His textbook business knowledge, innate business sense and experience, and positive outlook have proven to be an asset to his company.

Price enjoys golfing, fishing, and shrimping, often taking customers with him. Price states, “I’ve always held the belief that it’s much more important to take good care of the customers you have than to replace those you’ve lost.”

As evidence, Price’s initial clients continue to do business with Protective Packaging today. After three facility upgrades, employee and customer base expansion, Protective Packaging continues to grow under Price’s leadership to meet customer demand for a great custom product with superior customer service.